Atlanta Cleaning Services

Peachtree CleaningCarpet Cleaning:

The carpet cleaning industry is a very competitive field in the metro Atlanta area. At Peachtree Cleaning Atlanta, we strive to provide best results possible at the most affordable rates for carpet cleaning. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians attend carpet cleaning seminars on a regular basis to stay updated on the latest equipment, cleaning technics and carpet cleaning solutions out there.

We are one of Metro Atlanta’s leading carpet cleaning companies.


Peachtree CleaningAir Duct Cleaning:

The summer is almost over, and winter is fast approaching, take advantage of the special price we have to completely clean your entire air duct system in metro Atlanta Area. Our air duct cleaning includes all vent ducts, all return air duct and the furnace itself for a very competitive air duct cleaning price of $179.00 flat rate.

Out powerful truck mounted cleaning system, and trained technicians will guarantee the results you need.


Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Peachtree CleaningMost people don’t take very seriously the importance of cleaning their dryer vent duct system until its too late.

Peachtree Cleaning Atlanta’s dryer vent cleaning recommends having you dryer vent cleaned on an annual basis if you use your dryer at least twice a week. We have a promotional rate for $69.00 unlimited length dryer vent cleaning service.

Neglecting you dryer vent will cause lint buildup and resulting in longer and longer cloths drying times, eventually will cause moist and water build up.


Peachtree CleaningChimney Cleaning:

Winter is almost here and its time for your annual chimney inspection and fireplace inspection to make sure its in good working condition and safe before you start enjoying it again.

Peachtree Cleaning fireplace cleaning and chimney sweeping services offers an unbeatable cleaning price of $79.00. This includes complete chimney inspection and chimney cleaning (also known as chimney sweeping) as well as fireplace inspection and fireplace cleaning.

We will inspect your fireplace walls, make sure there are no cracks, inspect your gas line and gas logs ( depends of fireplace type) we will do a visual inspection from top and bottom of your flue, we will inspect your chimney cap and the exterior of your chimney, sweep the flue and clean the fireplace.


Peachtree CleaningChimney Repairs:

We also offer complete chimney repairs, chimney cap installation, chimney cap replacement and chimney masonry work and more.