Great carpet cleaning service at an affordable price! I needed to clean my carpets, Mattress, sofa and two armchairs that were in a pretty bad shape because of some food spills. The regular cleaning products that I used were no longer enough, the spot removers didn’t work after several repetitions and the stains became even more noticeable. I thought that I will have to cover my furniture or even buy new furniture, but after Peachtree Cleaning cleaned my sofa it was saved and the armchairs looked fantastic. I don’t know which kind of cleaning products they used, but one time was enough to remove the stains. The price I paid was reasonable too.



After a multitude of average to below average carpet cleaning companies we are happy to say we have found the best with Peachtree Cleaning. Jesse is outstanding, very through, extremely knowledgeable and an asset to the industry. It is apparent in his work that he cares about his customers, cares about his company and understands that the results of his work is a direct reflection on not only him but Peachtree Cleaning as a company. We are happy to do business with Peachtree Cleaning and happy to have Jesse in our home, his conscientious attention to detail is what ensures our continued loyalty.

Within a two days of my call, Reuben came to clean our upholstery. We had a cat urine problem that I had treated, and then we needed to get rid of the stains left by the treatment. Reuben was prompt, courteous, and thorough. He went over our upholstery carefully, and they look very good. So far, no reappearance of the stains. His price was reasonable, too. I’ll definitely use Peachtree Cleaning again, and recommend them to my friends.


I must say I was VERY impressed. I just moved into my townhome and the condition of the carpet was pretty bad. I called about 5 companies, and all of them were either way too high or not willing to do all of the services I needed. That wasnt the case with Peachtree Cleaning, they were able to do just about everything that I needed to be done and the price was great. Now I wasnt looking for the cheapest service, I was looking for quality and I got both. Im sure you’ll love Peachtree Cleaning carpet cleaning.



We can not say enough good things about Jesse at Peachtree Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. After trying two other services we found Peachtree Cleaning and we were blown away. They clean every time like they did the first time. If we need to contact them we get an immediate response. Its actually customer service the way it used to be which is rare in this days. If you want a great service then this is the company for you!



Not only did Peachtree Cleaning do a nice job on my carpets, rugs and upholstery but also I appreciated they courtesy. The job before mine turned out to be larger than expected. Even though it wasn’t putting them far behind, he had the decency to call to let me know they would be running slightly behind schedule. Thanks, Peachtree Cleaning! We’ll definitely be sending more business your way.


Sam went the extra mile for us in more ways than one. Kind and courteous, he came to my 52-year-old Mother’s house to help rid the place of a “mystery smell. He’s a smart, solid guy who went beyond the call of duty to help us out. The mystery” smell was solved, thank you God!

He arrived promptly before 10 a.m. to my mom’s house in the Alpharetta area and his rate was very reasonable.

Thanks, Peachtree Cleaning.

I recently acquired a foreclosed home and the previous owners had left the carpet in terrible condition. I called Peachtree Cleaning and Jesse was the one that came over and the carpets look worlds better. Every room, every step is spotless, and looks almost new. I HIGHLY recommend giving Peachtree Cleaning a call to clean your place. I have also had them clean an occupied house and the work is just as good and just as quick. Very easy to work with and get something done on a schedule and within budget.

Thank you to Ben for coming out and doing an AWESOME job on our carpets! He was very professional and VERY nice! Made sure everything was perfect before he left! We WILL have Ben back out again to do the rest of the house very soon!

THANKS BEN and Peachtree Cleaning!

Miki is amazing–from now on he is the only one I will ever hire to clean my carpet, couch and other upholstery. He is honest, easy-going, professional and hard working. He gave me a reasonable quote to clean my couch over the phone and was able to do the job the next day. He phoned on the day of service to politely ask if he could come a half hour early–very refreshing! After my past experiences with not-so-nice carpet cleaners, it was a true pleasure to have such a sincerely nice and decent guy come in to my home and do a great job. I give him my highest recommendation.

We had an excellent experience with the gentleman who cleaned our carpets this morning! Not only did he call ahead with their ETA, but he thoroughly finished cleaning 7 rooms in 1 hour. he also shared great tips on how to maintain our just cleaned carpets longer. We will definitely use Peachtree Cleaning again!

Having our house cleaned every 6 months is part of my OCD, we ended up trying this process and decided that we would give them a shot seeing that they come highly recomended by a couple of friends. We have a cat thats almost 14 and he has problems making it to the box so he has accidents daily, after several attempts at natures miracle that didn’t work we decided to hire someone who specialized in urine removal, the odor was nothing to us but to our friends they said it was unbearable.

Peachtree Cleaning came and cleaned our carpets 2 weeks ago and we personally could never smell any odor, guess we went numb to it, anyway the floors look excellent, our friends say they cant believe the smell is gone, and we are happy to have company over again. We were looking at having to replace the carpet which would have been in the neighborhood of $4000+ so for a fraction of the cost we had them come out and we cant speak highly enough of them.

So Thanks Again for all the hard work on our house and you guys will hear from us again, hope this helps others find a good reliable carpet cleaner.

We are home from a long vacation and the cat had decided to show us how much he missed us by peeing on the couch and floor, Peachtree Cleaning came and cleaned the mess up, the odor is gone and has not come back, they were here about 3 weeks ago to clean my carpets and they asked us leave a review here, we origionally found them on Google and everything people had to say about them is true, very professional and on time, they did a great job and the odor is gone, sorry it took a few to get the review on..

Very much appreciated will be telling everyone.